What is FGY

"Fifth Generation Youth"

Refers to a technological-savvy generation that embraces advancements and innovations, particularly in the fifth generation (5G) era. This generation is characterized by its awareness and engagement with cutting-edge technologies, aiming to harness them for personal and societal development.

The Plan:


Increase Technological Awareness:

Providing workshops and educational events for youth to elevate awareness of technology and innovation in the era of the fifth generation.


Develop Technical Skills:

Offering training courses and workshops to enhance the skills of young people in modern technology fields.


Encourage Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

Supporting young innovators and encouraging them to transform their technological ideas into entrepreneurial projects.

The Message:

We, as an Egyptian youth entity, aim to enhance awareness of technology and active participation in the fifth generation era. We believe that youth are the cornerstone of development and progress, and we strive to empower them and develop their technological skills to become leaders in this field.

The Goal:

Achieve positive transformation in Egyptian society by empowering fifth-generation youth technologically, building a future generation capable of keeping pace with scientific and technological advancements with profound understanding and awareness.